Who We Are

Our Founder, Fabiola Richardson

"As a BMOM myself, I stand with you to let you know you are not alone. I want you to know my pain birthed my purpose."


The Bereaved Moms (BMOMS) platform is for all bereaved Mothers who are  seeking a positive outlet to navigate through their storm and need help to maintain a positive space. Lou Foundation encourages and uplifts BMOMS through what seems like an impossible time, but can indeed be a beautiful storm. We stand here to motivate and inspire you!



Over the past few years, we have sponsored and participated in several non-profit events throughout South Florida including Breaking Bread, which have packaged over 19,000 hygiene kits and lunch packages for the homeless in DC, Atlanta and Miami areas.  We also assist and partnered with Playdates With Purpose for teen mothers, A Mother’s Day Pamper Party for homeless mothers at the Lotus House Women and Children’s Shelter, 'The Adult Prom' hosted by State Representative Daphne Campbell, Make The Homeless Smile Miami (MTHSM) in Overtown and the Deuces For Excuses organization to feed the homeless in Broward county.


Vision is the ability to see beyond where you are now, who you are now, and what you have now! I promise to grow by sharing my story, to help educate and most importantly to help support mothers like myself that we call Bereaved Moms (Bmoms). 

In this season, I have come to appreciate the purpose that God has bestowed upon me. Although, I had so many mix emotions about my beautiful storm, I'm still thankful! This journey is truly a higher learning process. With this divine vision God has revealed to me, I am delighted to be led by his direction! 

All of us have been faced with challenges in our lives and I want to create a therapeutic space in which we are free to share and relate through our experiences. Bereaved moms ministry movement is a foundation for women who have suffered the loss of a child and/or children at any age during a pregnancy of any given length or after childbirth due to any type of health condition or life event… 

The BMoms ministry was created out of a desire to help and encourage those who have suffered, conquered, and who continually aspire to achieve success. As l continue on my mission to heal and encourage, I am dedicated to producing meetings and special events as a pathway to inspire growth and personal development for an assembly of women from diverse backgrounds.  Together we can heal, encourage, elevate and motivate! 

I truly believe that you have to keep pushing forward and stay hopeful. I want all women to know that without a doubt, anything that you want to create or accomplish is possible. In this new found journey, I want to connect with women and mothers alike to help them cope, heal, and face their obstacles. I find comfort in knowing that I can assist women personally to grow, develop and to live their best possible life!

I believe in BMOMS and the importance of the positive impact that this organization can accomplish. It’s time that we flip the script and turn our mess into our message to help other women navigate successfully through the storm! To "a lifetime of sisterhood love and compassion." Together we will RISE!! John 3:16, Psalm 23, and Jeremiah 29:11